It’s Amazing! It’s Stupendous! It’s Deadly!

Pennypincher’s Travelling Circus and Spectacles has come to Big City with a carnivalistic cast of tumbling, troublesome, and treacherous fliers, fire breathers, funsters, and frauds.  See Duke Denim delve into the depths of deceit, danger, and diabolical damsels.  Be amazed by the billowing barrage of busted chops and bombastic backstabbing.  Feel the frenzied fervor of flights of fatalistic fancy and furtive furried femme fatales.

The Troublesome Troupe is more than another case for Duke Denim…it is three rings of knuckle-bustin’, clown-nose honkin’, midway gamin’, and crystal ballin’. Fortunes told…integrity sold…sights to behold.  All this action…without a net.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim #4:The Troublesome Troupe

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