When the good ol’ days go bad!


The most coveted award of Strivers College is up for grabs and a sneaky, selfish, and sinister scoundrel is seeking to snatch the prize.  Alumni of old are defrauded, degraded, and deceived in a green and gold fog of decadence.  The meaning of beloved Strivers Descant is choiristically challenged as chiseling college chums belt out a collegiate conspiratorial chant.


Duke Denim is the big man on campus as he reluctantly enters the hallowed halls of history and tradition.   Presidents and attendants, roommates and athletes, coaches and cheerleaders, all are probable perpetrators from the pages in a yearbook of criminal calamity.


Class is in session and the hard lesson of who to trust will be on the test.  Duke is going to have to give it the old college try and pull an all-nighter if he is to solve this case.

The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim #6:Old College Try

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